Tea Time Basket

Tea Time Basket

Starting at $80.00

Want to make someone feel touched and appreciated? This gift basket is filled with gourmet cookies, fruit flavored chocolates placed around a colorful infuser tea pot in an impressive wicker and metal basket.

They will enjoy loose tea anytime with this elegantly simple ceramic teapot. A large infuser basket provides ample room for the leaves to unfurl, affording a fully infused, flavorful cup. Not only does it make great-tasting tea, but, when not in use, it has been known to turn heads. Glazed white inside. Comes in orange, blue and white. Contents:

1- 24 oz.  Adiago Tea Pot with large infuser

1- 1.9 oz. Good Earth Original Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea Blend

1 – 6 oz.  Adiago HoneyRooibos Tea Cookies

1 – 3 oz.  Gourmet Cookies

1- 2.1 oz. Chocolate Wafer Cookies

2 – 3.5 oz.  Fruit Flavored Chocolate Bars


Also Available: 

12 oz. Adiago Porcelain Cup and Infuser with coaster lid. Enjoy a perfect cup of tea wherever, and whenever, the mood strikes. Perfect for home or office use. ( $19.00) comes in Red or Purple

12 oz. Adiago Double Walled Porcelain Mug with Infuser. he double-walled design means your tea stays warmer while keeping the outside of the mug a more moderate, and easy to handle the temperature. Any tea-lover is sure to appreciate this elegant meeting of form, function, and fun. ($14.00) Sunflowers or Tea Bags Design